Taking Action

If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. - Gandhi

With that inspirational thought, let's take a look at what we could each do to turn climate investing into climate action.

Fund Managers

Look for opportunities

Plan Consultants

Highlight hidden climate risks

Plan Sponsors

Adopt climate aligned benchmarks

Monitor climate risks of investments and fund managers


Ask for climate aligned investments

Monitor climate risks

Individual Investors

If you've ever envied those Big Shot Fund Managers, I hope my book has at least dispelled some of it. Unless you have some deep, unfulfilled need to be told how smart you are on a daily (hourly?) basis by salespeople, that is. The truth is, while big swinging trades and TV appearances might sound very glamorous, you have a kind of freedom that those who manage money for others will never have.

As a sophisticated individual investor, you can play any or all of the roles listed above. You can get down in the haystack to search for opportunities like a fund manager, or come up to the sky and watch funds from above like a plan sponsor. You can do your own research, think your own thoughts, without being burdened by guidelines written by someone else (or someone else's parents or even grandparents. Yes, I've really seen guidelines that look that old.)

Engaging with Companies

Reduce climate risk

Monitor results

Group together

They're your companies. Don't think of proxies as junk mail.

Final Thought

Be patient -- climate will be big, but we have to work together.

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